■  Created paulownia wood...a paulownia product to use  

Other than a normal paulownia box, I hear it about the various paulownia products. Please inquire for the other dimensions willingly.
In addition, I include a consumption tax in a sticker price. In addition, length, width, the depth become naisun (cm).

A journal box

Large image
  Length Width Depth Price
One shaku 30.3 5.7 5.4  3,234yen
Two shaku 60.6  4,777yen
Two shaku six sun 78.8 6.0 5.7  7,350yen
Three shaku 90.9 13,650yen

* I prepare a ready-made article every 1.5cm in length between law from one shaku. It supports the other dimensions.
* The above in the case of a cover of hengo. There is just the cover of ryogo fitting in even if I change a direction. (I make a separately estimate.)

A bowl box

Large image
  Length Width Depth Price
A crosspiece lid 12.0 12.0 12.0 12,600yen
Every direction crosspiece lid 17,850yen

* As for the cover, there is the every direction crosspiece lid where a foot sticks to in crosspiece lid and every direction where the backside became in the shape of clogs.

A rice box

Large image
  Length Width Depth Price
5kg use 25.0 16.0 15.0 25,250yen
10kg use 38.0 22.0 39.5 42,000yen

* By hope, I can follow a handle and a caster. (I make a separately estimate.)

A chopstick case

Large image
  Length Width Depth Price
For men 23.5 2.5 1.5 420yen
For women 22.0 420yen

Glasses case

Large image
Large image

An attache case

A handbag

A calendar

Large image
Large image
Large image

■ The paulownia which revives...The thing which has been inherited to the next generation  

I hear damaged paulownia box repair, the reproduction of a paulownia box old again.
The thing having a note of authentication on a box containing an object of art keeps it alive.
Please refer willingly.
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