When a girl is born, I plant the young plant of the paulownia in the garden and when the child comes of age and marries and does it, I fell it and make a chest and an oblong chest and say that I let you marry in old days.

Because growth was early and became the tree at the same time to be suitable for furniture materials when it passed for 15-20 years, such manners and customs seem to have rooted in the paulownia.

It is said that the annual humidity goes up and down from 18% to 80% as for the Japanese climate, and things are easy to ache very much.

The paulownia expands if it becomes humid and raises airtightness, and maintaining the same is in a comfortable state, and the inside of the paulownia box is kept by shrinking at the time of the drying because dryness and moisture adjusts whether you seem to totally breathe.

Therefore a paulownia box was used to put a high-quality art industrial art object for a long time, and paulownia culture only in humid Japan developed.

Optionally, the grain of wood that was hard to burn that the paulownia was light, and there was dampproofing / an insecticide effect was beautiful, and it has been got close by many uses such as a hanging scroll and the box of the picture mounting, a koto, a biwa, clogs by a shiny good point to be light.

I make the article which had you order it with the skill that I trained well while making use of the characteristic of such a paulownia in the Sugimoto width student temple.
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