At first can refer to the order about an article printing in this homepage, a different thing and the made-to-order estimate of dimensions, consultation about the repair of the paulownia box willingly.
n addition, I have the one desired images a made-to-order paulownia product and write it in the contents, the place, and please contact it by FAX (052-231-4439) if it is possible.

Sugimoto Fukuseido Ltd.
TEL 052-231-4437 FAX 052-231-4439

■  Order method  

  1. At first please refer in telephone, FAX, email either.
  2. I tell you about an amount of money, the appointed date of delivery when I included confirmation and the postage of request contents from a width student temple.
  3. I have the ordering that is more official than a visitor and begin the production of the product after having you receive money in the case of the transfer.
  4. I send it by home delivery as soon as a product is completed.
* I have a request, and please let me know over a telephone kindly more than three days when there is not communication than a width student temple.
* I have on around 15th since I have official ordering on the appointed date of delivery.

■  Means of payment  

・ COD mail  

At the time of article arrival, I have the article price and the postage make a payment.

・ transfer   4710406, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Otsu-cho Branch, normal, Sugimoto Fukuseido Ltd.
It is just; give me transfer. The fee becomes the visitor burden.

■  Indication based on a law about the specific transaction  

A distributor Sugimoto Fukuseido Ltd.
A sale person in charge Sugimoto Shingo
The location 1-3-22 Marunouchi, Nakaku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken, 460-0002, JAPAN,
TEL 052-231-4437
FAX 052-231-4439
A fee except the article The postage, a COD mail fee
A means of payment COD mail, bank transfer
A defective article I repair it and, about breaking, the damage that occurred by the situation in sending it, will cope.
Returned goods Because I do not accept it, in the characteristic of the article of this shop, please warn the returned goods by the circumstances of the visitor.
Sugimoto Fukuseido Ltd.
1-3-22 Marunouchi, Nakaku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken, 460-0002, JAPAN, TEL 052-231-4437 FAX 052-231-4439
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